Haley and Cam

Haley and Cam
College Life: The Good, The Bad, and The Interesting

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Finding Balance on Campus

Hello readers! I am back with another post. This time I want to talk about finding balance on campus. As many of you know, whether you are in college now, already went through college, or maybe are still in high school, finding a good balance between socializing, doing school work, and finding alone time to unwind can be really hard. Last semester that is something I really struggled with. I wanted so desperately to go out and make friends but the stress and anxiety of rigorous schoolwork kept me in my dorm most nights. While I am lucky enough to have a roommate who happens to be my best friend, there were moments where I felt absolutely alone. Ever hear of the winter blues? well friends, those hit me hard and with nowhere to turn to I found my stress, anxiety, and depression weighing me down. However, this year I have decided to turn it around. I am slowly finding a good balance between going out and meeting people, participating in student organizations, and keeping up with my schoolwork. I came back this semester with a much better forecast on how it is going to go and I think that really helped me. While some people call total bullshit on making New Years resolutions, I found it has help me be a lot better about my actions and setting goals for this semester. So far, I have started eating better, spending more time surrounded by friends, and completing my work in a timely fashion. I have even been given the opportunity to become a fashion photographer for my school's fashion magazine "Off the Cuff" so look forward to seeing behind the scenes posts from the upcoming shoots I will be doing this semester. Since I have managed to get my social and academic lives in balance, I want to find an activity to do alone that will bring me peace and help me unwind. I've thought of taking up yoga or just finding a few times a week where I can work out. I've thought of exploring Boston and finding places in the city I can go to and just relax and do some work. Really just looking for anything, any place that is good for quite time alone or with one or two friends. If anyone has any good ideas about places to go in Boston to relax, visit, or do work let me know! Finally, I hope you guys are having a great day or night or whenever you might be reading this blog and I remind you to try and find peace and balance  in everything you do. See you soon!


Sunday, January 29, 2017

A Reminder to be Compassionate

Hello readers, I hope 2017 has been treating you well, or as well as possible considering the state of things in our world right now. While I typically do not write about political matters, tonight I felt especially inspired to speak about Trump's impending Muslim Ban. If you aren't aware of what is going on in the United States right now, I urge you to search up the hashtag #MuslimBan and see just what has happened in the past 36 hours in our country ( or maybe not your country because some of you lovely people are from other places). Anyways, in an effort to stay positive I want this post to be about compassion and empathy-- some words I feel like are extremely important at this moment in time. Whatever your political affiliations may be, I hope you can still recognize when things have gone to far. If you aren't angry or frustrated or saddened by the things going on right now, I want you to take a step back. Let go of all of your pre-existing ideas about races different than your own and just think: what if it were my friend? my brother? my sister? my daughter? my son? or my spouse? Wouldn't you be upset getting on the internet everyday or turning on your tv to watch the news and hearing/seeing people spew racist rhetoric day in and day out about you, your religion, and your racial/ethnic group as a whole? Imagine getting the news today that you are no longer welcome in a country you love because of the God you worship. Wouldn't that hurt you? You see the thing is this ban does not affect me and yet as I am typing this I am brought to tears thinking of my beautiful brown friends who are now afraid for their families and friends. I fear the America we love and cherish is slowly turning into something dark and scary. A place where women, minorities, and LGBTQ citizens are once again becoming pariahs. But, I have hope. One thing I will forever love about being American is that we are so very resilient. In the face of injustice and discrimination, the majority have united together to ensure that this country will not be divided by a government that is pushing the policies of a man who ran, and won, the presidency on a platform of bigotry, racism, and misogyny. To those of you who may have voted for him, all I ask is that you find it in your heart to be kind. When you find yourself wanting to say something negative, discouraging, or divisive, please remember that these are our people. They are our citizens. They belong here as much as anyone else. And while you may not like it, they deserve love and every freedom allowed to you. To everyone, I pray that you find peace amongst the chaos, find love where there is hate, find unity where there is division, find empathy where there is apathy, find compassion where there is animosity, and find hope where there is fear.

I hope you all are having a wonderful morning, afternoon, or night, whenever you happen to be reading this. I appreciate your page views so much.
- Cameron

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Hello 2017

Hello 2017 :)
Wow! I cannot believe it is 2017! I also cannot believe it has been almost two years since Haley and I have posted on this blog. I'd like to say sorry for our hiatus and assure so much has changed since then. For one thing, Haley and I both graduated high school in May of 2016 and just completed our first semesters at our respective universities. First semester was a whirlwind of emotions and experiences. From trying to make friends and manage academics with new social freedoms to finding time to relax and step back from my hectic schedule, I found myself exhausted when I finally came home for break. Despite my exhaustion, I started thinking of what I would want to change about my college experience and what I did not like so much about first semester. It hit me then that I wasn't doing the things I loved or studying things I was passionate about at all last semester. Instead I followed a plan set forth for me by people who have no idea what I want because I myself am not so sure, but I know for one thing I was not happy majoring in and participating in what I was. So naturally, I came up with a list of things to change for myself in the new year. I made a list of 17 things that I should do, change, or experience in 2017 and I feel like going in with a positive mindset for this new year will really help me out.
 Cameron's 2017 Goals
  1. Be happy. Purely and genuinely happy :)
  2. Be  healthy. Strive for clear skin and more energy by eating the right foods. Do not strive to look like someone you're not. Love yourself at any and every size.
  3. STOP chasing dreams other people made for me. Follow YOUR heart.
  4. Take pictures of everything! (For those of you that don't know I am passionate about photography as an art form)
  5. Be present in EVERY moment. Take time to realize where you are, who you are with, and what you are doing. Relish every detail.
  6. Find your passion and go after it with everything you've got.
  7. Dress how YOU want. Screw what other people think. Your style should be 100% you.
  8. Be more Creative
  9. Remember Life Happens! When you don't accomplish something you've really wanted to do because life happened remember it is not the end of the world.
  10. Go exploring
  11. Make the BIG CHOP
  12. Be open to new experiences. 
  13. Be open to love and new relationships (admittedly a bit of a cynic when it comes to love)
  14. Drink more water. 
  15. Do more things you love.
  16. STOP doing things you hate.
  17. Be strong, Be smart, Be kind, and Be grateful
Finally my motto of the year is "love yourself, be yourself, push yourself"! Thanks so much for reading and please expect more posts this year.What are your New Years resolutions or projections for 2017? leave a comment down below.

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Greece: Mykonos Day 3

I love So for day three in Mykonos we took a glass bottom yacht around the island to various beaches.  While on the trip we stopes at certain sites to look at shipwrecked boats and fish through the glass bottom of the boat.   After the tour we came back to the hotel and hungout around the resort.

-xoxo H

                   Go pro selfies

The white suit is from becca swim (:

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Greece: Mykonos Day 2

Hello lovely readers hope you all are doing great.  So our second day in Mykonos we left the resort and took at water taxi to another beach! They had lots of restaurants and activities including water sports.  Then later that night we went into town for some shopping and food and ice cream!!! The town was so nice not as special as Santorini.  All the buildings were mainly white with lots of cute little shops and clubs.

-xoxo H


              Tubing was a blast 

Jordan in downtown Mykonos

Friday, July 10, 2015

Greece: Mykonos day 1

Our next stop in Greece was Mykonos!  We stayed here the longest and had probably the most the fun there too.  Our hotel (The Mykonos Grand) was fabulous with beautiful views.  All the suites had private pools and decks and hotel service was exceptional.  The staff was very nice and always available to help out and please the guests in every way possible.  We spent the first day just hanging around the hotel after our 3 hour boat ride from Athens.  Below are some pictures of the hotel and  from our first day in Mykonos just hanging out


-xoxo H

Me and Jordan showing our excitement for being in Mykonos

one of the suites featuring some sleepy travelers

first sunset in Mykonos

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Greece: Athens

Hi everyone!!! I recently came back from Greece literally two days before this huge economic crisis took effect.  I traveled with my family and one of my good friends' family.  It was an amazing trip with delicious food, breathtaking views, and lots of fun.  Just like any vacation I am happy to take home with me the memories of all the new experiences I had from visiting the country.  Of course I took many pictures to share with you guys so below are some shots from our first stop in Athens.  We only stayed for a couple days in Athens but made great use of our time with a segway tour of all the ruins and notable places in the city.  I would recommend the segway tour to anyone.   They are super fun and easy to use.  A great way to get to know the city other than just walking around.

-xoxo H

First meal in Greece our hotel the Grande Bretagne

The moms chillin my the pool

walking around in Athens after a long travel day

enjoying the all marble bathroom in my victorias secret pjs
(all the bathrooms in Greece were all marble)

segway tour


the Acropolis

nice fathers day dinner

view of the city from acropolis